Photos of some of our recent projects

Here are a few of the projects we have recently completed for several customers. We are excited about helping you work on your next interior or exterior project.


The outside of the bank before we started any work.

Here is a close up of the siding with the peeling paint and several bare spots of wood

The wind does not always cooperate with us when we try to set up drop cloths.

Here is Bruce adding the final coat of paint to the siding.

Taking this section of the gutter off the trim allowed us to add a fresh coat of paint behind it and this step made for a much nicer appearance as well.

Here is the siding after all the hard work.

Everything always looks brighter and cleaner with a fresh coat of paint.

Many hot showers contributed to the premature failure of this textured ceiling. The black spots are areas of mold we cleaned prior to painting.

Once the textured ceiling was removed, joint compound was used to smooth some of the rough areas on the ceiling as well as smooth out the seams between the sheets of sheetrock.

Here is Brian sanding the joint compound after it had dried so that the ceiling could then be primed and painted.

This ceiling is ready for more showers now. Lets hope the stronger exhaust fan reduces the amount of moisture that stays in the bathroom so the paint stays on the ceiling this time.

Let's roll on the primer.


Fortunately the ceiling did not have to be painted. Painting just the walls and trim enabled the furniture to stay in place.

This looks like a photo from an article in one of the home magazines. The walls and trim were painted in this town home.

Working above stairs can be a challenge but we had a lot of flexibility with the open floor plan.

It was very tempting to sit back and read the paper while working in this town home.

Here is Brian on the left and Bruce on the right. This house went front being covered in vinyl siding to having a look like new paint job. Not bad for an 1850s cape. Amazingly, the original wood on this house was in fantastic shape, which enabled us to confidently restore the finish.

Though this is the result, this room was completely transformed from a pantry to a beautiful new bathroom. The high quality beadboard painted in a semi-gloss paint looks like it has a factory finish.


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